What To Look For When You Compare Corporate Event Facilities

Posted on: 13 February 2023

If you plan to host an event for your company, choosing the right facility is important. You may need to look around and find something that suits your needs while providing a fun atmosphere for your guests. Here are some things to consider when comparing corporate event facilities.

Easy To Access

If you'll have employees and guests coming in from out of town, you'll want a place that's easy for them to get to, especially since they may be using a rideshare from the airport. Local attendees will appreciate a facility that's within easy driving distance and that's easy to reach from main roads.

Plus, the facility should have plenty of parking. A place on the beach might be fun, but beach parking is notoriously tight. Make it as easy as possible for your guests to find, park near, and enter the facility.

Ability To Serve Food And Beverages

Hotels make convenient corporate event facilities since they have large meeting rooms and they can provide food and beverages. However, as long as you work with a caterer, you can rent a venue without a kitchen and have food brought in.

Another idea is to book a venue within walking distance of nice restaurants so you can break for meals and let your guests dine where they want. The way food and beverages will be provided could play a big role in the corporate event facility you choose.

The Size Of The Meeting Rooms

You'll want an accurate count for the number of attendees so you can book a facility that offers rooms that will handle all of your employees and their guests. You won't be allowed to crowd into a small room due to fire code laws. You don't want a room that's too big either, or your meeting will look like it's a flop and no one attended. Matching room size to the number of people at your event is important for comfort and appearances.

The Features That Are Included

Depending on the type of event you're hosting, you might want music, computer equipment, overhead projectors, and quality acoustics. If lectures will be given, you'll need microphone equipment and a lectern. You might provide some things yourself, but if the venue can supply the equipment needed for music and lectures, that will be fewer things you'll need to carry with you and set up.

The Cost For Everything That's Included

You'll also want to compare costs for the individuals that attend. If you'll have your event at a hotel so guests can spend the night, you'll probably want rooms available at an affordable range.

When you compare costs, be sure to include all the costs you'll incur for booking rooms, renting chairs if necessary, using equipment, serving food, and having snacks and beverages on standby. You may not always want the cheapest venue, but you'll want to compare prices so you get good value for your money.

For more information about corporate event facilities, contact a local company.