Discreetly Tying The Knot: Tips For Your Elopement

Posted on: 28 February 2022

Congratulations, you and your loved one have decided to tie the knot! For many, a traditional wedding simply isn't their style or may even be a source of major worry and anxiety. Getting eloped is a perfect solution. With a party size of your choosing or no party at all, you can easily get eloped and celebrate the future of your relationship. Read ahead for some tips to keep in mind when preparing for your big day.

Announcing to Loved Ones

Elopements can look different for every couple. Some prefer to have a shotgun wedding and completely surprise everyone, while others enjoy having a small group to witness the procession. You might even want to invite a few loved ones to your ceremony, creating a more intimate moment shared with those you hold close to your hearts. Regardless of how many or few attend your elopement, an announcement will be in order following the big day. Sending out custom-created announcements is a wonderfully sentimental and traditional way to share the good news with others. Choose an announcement style that suits your style, and be sure to include a picture of the big day!

Hire a Photographer

Even though this will not be a typical wedding filled with crowds of attendees, you'll still want to keep a few elements of a traditional ceremony in play. One of these elements is hiring a photographer. There is truly no better way to remember your special day than to look over photographs of your ceremony and celebration. Hiring a professional photographer will ensure that your ceremony will be encapsulated in a way that is true to the theme, spirit, and joy of your elopement. Speak beforehand regarding what you would like to guarantee will be photographed, such as the exchanging of vows, the first looks, and celebration with loved ones. Once your photographs are produced, you'll have a priceless keepsake to pass down through your family. 

Make a Day of It

While traditional weddings typically have a procession, ceremony, and reception period lasting for hours after the vows are spoken, an elopement is quite different! For many, the ceremony will only take a few minutes. Use this extra time to make a day of it. Decide beforehand how you'll celebrate your big day in a fun way that will be enjoyable for you both and memorable for years to come. If you both are history buffs, for instance, plan a tour of an air and space museum that features historical aircrafts. For movie lovers, plan a day at the cinema to be completed with a romantic meal at your favorite restaurant. Even on a budget, you both can have a great time celebrating the rest of your lives together!

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