A Few Things You Don't Normally Hear About When Searching For A Wedding Venue

Posted on: 8 October 2018

The quest for the right wedding venue doesn't have to be complicated -- it's likely one of the more straightforward parts of the planning -- but you do have to be complete in your questioning when searching for that great place. What many brides-to-be don't realize is that the right wedding venue does more than just offer a pretty location. You have some very practical considerations to deal with, and the wedding venue should help with solutions.

Prior Pest Treatment

Any venue that has outdoor space, such as lawns or gardens where much of the ceremony will take place, should have a plan for pest control. You don't want uninvited insect guests ruining the day. In some cases, such as parks for which you're getting a permit to hold a gathering, you may have to have a company come in and spray the area for mosquito larvae and other bugs, but the managing authority (e.g., parks and rec department) should let you do that, if they don't have a pest management program already. A park that has no pest-control program and that won't allow area spraying is likely to be very uncomfortable for your guests. Venues that offer spaces specifically for weddings should have their own pest-spraying regimen.

Outdoor Infrastructure

As with pest control, the venue should either offer outdoor-structure help or allow you to do it yourself. For example, a venue that offers wide lawns for wedding reception tents should have temporary walkways to place on the ground for people in wheelchairs or who have other mobility issues. Or they should allow you to rent those walkways yourself. If you find a place that looks nice but that will not allow things like temporary paved pathways and temporary floors (in the tents), that might not be the best place for you.

Traffic Control

What's happening with parking? Is the lot at the venue large enough to hold all of the cars you'd expect on the day of the wedding? Will people have to park on side streets? What are the rules for parking on those streets (e.g. no parking on various mornings for street cleaning)? Don't let your wedding turn into a traffic free-for-all. Be sure there is enough free and open parking nearby for everyone who is attending.

These are distinctly unglamorous questions, but they are necessary. And many people overlook them at first and then realize at the last minute that maybe there's an issue. Ask ahead, and you'll have an easier time finding the right venue.

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