Looking For A Classy, Simple Wedding? 4 Gorgeous Venues That Won't Break The Bank

Posted on: 24 February 2017

Are you looking for a way to have both a simple and elegant wedding? It may seem like the two are mutually exclusive, but you can have it both ways. Here are 4 great venues that are easy, inexpensive, and look great.

Beach Weddings. If you live at or near the coastline, a beach wedding venue is perfect to save your day and your budget. Beaches are often public access and come with one of the best ceremony backdrops you could imagine. Beach ceremonies need little added decoration and make for a truly memorable place to say, "I do". For further convenience, look for a wedding venue that features a prep room or cocktail space that's immediately adjacent to the beach. If you plan a beach wedding, remember to keep it short and sweet.

City or County Parks. The great outdoors is often free or cheap for hosting a wedding ceremony, so don't overlook it. Check all the local city, county, or state parks for appropriate locations that might appeal to you and your partner. It doesn't need to be a large and fancy space, either. All you need for the ceremony is a beautiful niche or nook -- perhaps a gazebo overlooking a lake or a grove of trees behind a green lawn -- to get the backdrop you want at the price you need. 

Destination Packages. Destination weddings may seem like a more expensive option, but they can be very cost-effective. Why? The package deal includes most things needed to create a great ceremony, so you don't have to spend on additional decorations or accessories. In addition, destination weddings often combine the costs of the ceremony and honeymoon, saving money further. Because so much  -- from the venue to the officiant to the flowers -- is often part of the venue's arrangements, planning may be as simple as picking out a dress and showing up.

Historic Buildings. Check your local area for beautiful and historical buildings that may be good backgrounds for an elegant wedding. Publicly-owned buildings -- such as historic libraries, homes open for tours, or public gardens -- may be free or very cheap to rent for your ceremony. Even private buildings may not charge much if they're not in the habit of hosting wedding parties. Don't overlook local bed and breakfasts or inns with historical features. 

Creating a simple but beautiful wedding ceremony may be easier than you thought. If you think outside the traditional venue box, you may just find that the perfect spot is right there waiting for you. For more information, contact a company like Beach Weddings Alabama.