2 Reasons To Consider An Outdoor Location For Your Wedding

Posted on: 9 September 2016

One of the most popular alternatives to a traditional church or banquet hall is an outdoor wedding, and with good reason when you consider just how many different benefits an outdoor wedding can provide you with. Listed below are two reasons to consider an outdoor location for your wedding.


The best part about considering an outdoor location for your wedding is the sheer amount of different types of locations that you can consider. For example, outdoor weddings can take place at wedding venues that have a nicely manicured and tended area set aside just for weddings or you can choose to take advantage of having a wedding in a family member's yard or the beach.

You can even take things a bit further and consider getting married at a national park. The fact that so many different outdoor locations can accommodate a wedding makes it the perfect way to find something that can appeal to you and your future spouse's tastes, whether those tastes are having majestic mountains as the backdrop for your wedding or being surrounded by flowers at a garden or greenhouse.


Another reason to consider an outdoor location for your wedding is that it can typically be quite a bit less expensive than opting for a traditional wedding venue. This is a very important factor to consider since weddings can often be incredibly expensive.

By choosing an outdoor venue, you can save a bit of money to put toward a nicer honeymoon or simply to start saving for your life together. Just because the average wedding can easily cost many thousands of dollars does not mean that you have to follow that trend and spend more money than you have to.

If you want to save even more money by having your wedding at an outdoor location, consider booking space at a venue that does not advertise itself as a wedding destination or venue. Instead, consider places such as the local marina, at a local art museum, or even a national park. Since those locations do not advertise as wedding venues, there will typically be quite a big difference in price versus a dedicated wedding venue.

Speak with your wedding planner in order to discuss the many benefits that an outdoor venue for your wedding can provide. An outdoor wedding location can provide you with a large variety of choices while also giving you the opportunity to save a bit of money when compared to utilizing traditional wedding venues.