Want To Get Married Without The Huge Wedding? Why Vegas Is Best

Posted on: 3 January 2016

If you want to get married but you know you don't want the big church wedding with hundreds of guests, heading to Vegas is a great alternative. There are many chapels in Vegas where you can elope and have fun. You are going to get top of the line amenities while you're there, and you can celebrate your wedding and your honeymoon while you're out there.

Las Vegas is about luxury and fun, two things ever wedding should have. If you are on the fence or you aren't sure why people rave about getting married in Vegas, here are a few considerations.

Get Married Like the Celebrities

There are several celebrities that have gotten married in Vegas, including Brittany Spears. You can go and act like you're a famous celebrity for the night, making your own decisions and being treated like you're royalty. You can even choose the same package that the celebrity you follow picked. You can say to everyone that you got married at the same place as the famous in Hollywood for years to come.

Get Everything in One Place

You can choose a wedding chapel and get your dress, flowers, cake, everything that you need for the ceremony in one place. You can arrange for a limo to take you all over town after you walk down the aisle, or you can reserve a honeymoon suite at a nearby hotel. You don't have to contact multiple vendors, worry about delivery fees, or anything else.

Don't Stress or Hassle

Planning a large wedding where you have to wait back to hear from guests, get a location for the ceremony, and plan all the other details can be stressful. You need to get someone to do the honors, and you need to have witnesses and other legalities. With a Vegas wedding chapel, you elope at you don't have any wedding stress, and instead you walk in and get the ceremony done quickly so you can enjoy your trip.

You can invite friends to come and watch you if you want, or you can choose to make the event totally private. You get to have full control of your wedding and you get to pick all of the details, even the colors, but you don't have to spend a fortune like you would if you were planning a traditional style wedding. If a Vegas wedding sounds ideal to you, contact A Little White Wedding Chapel or call around to find another Vegas chapel that has availability for the day that you want to get hitched.